Dvořák: Saint Ludmila

Dvořák: Saint Ludmila

8.574023-24 (Naxos, CD, 2 discs)


Playing time: 48'30'/52'53" - TT101'23"
Tracks: 11 + 15
Booklet pages: 20
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Main country of recording: SK
Country of manufacture: DE
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Dvořák: Saint Ludmila published on 16 September 2019

Listen: Dvořák: Hospodine, pomiluj ny! (Svatá Ludmila, Part III) (CD2 track 15, 0:52-1:52)

Adriana Kohútková, soprano (Ludmila)
Karla Bytnarová, alto (Svatava)
Tomáš Černý, tenor (Bořivoj)
Ondrej Šaling, tenor (Peasant)
Peter Mikuláš, bass (Ivan)
Slovak Philharmonic Choir
Petr Fiala, chorus master
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra
Leoš Svárovský

Antonín Dvořák:

Svatá Ludmila ('Saint Ludmila', 1885-86)
Oratorio for soloists, choir and orchestra, Op 71, B 144
Text: Jaroslav Vrchlický (1853-1912)


Part I: In the courtyard of Melnik Castle
1 Darkness has returned to the nooks in the rocks and forests
2 Smiling Spring, dreamy Spring
3 Flowers with which Spring attracts
4 The morning is sacred
5 From childhood a holy emotion led me to the altar
6 The gods are always with us, wherever the mistaken step edges slowly forward
7 Here quickly the flower of Spring
8 Into the dust with you! There is one god!
9 Who is this man, whom lightning in the heavens did not strike?
10 Oh, allow me the courage
11 Everything breaks and crumbles into a dark chaos


Part II: In the Beroun forests
1 Oh, into what dim forest shadows; I ought not have believed you
2 Now I ask you: what do you want to find?
3 I was not under any illusion, be welcome, daughter!
4 Oh, what a picture to my eye
5 Oh, she for whom my heart pines
6 Oh, show me the way, how I am to conquer her
7 Oh, how can I raise my eyes to you
8 Oh, woe, she does not want to hear his lamenting!
9 How, suddenly awake from a beautiful dream
10 I looked for the glow of that morn

Part III: In Velehrad Cathedral
11 Lord, have mercy on us!
12 Oh, allow now to drop on our foreheads
13 Holy spirit, descend in purple
14 Oh, resound, songs, resound to the dome of heaven
15 Lord, have mercy on us!

Recorded live on 29-30 April 2015 at the Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic, Bratislava, Slovakia