2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February 2022, and is still continuing a year later, as this was written.

By coincidence, various Classical Music Daily correspondents, including Halida Dinova, who was visiting Russia at the time, recorded a video programme on the same day, after the news had been announced in the world's media, and this programme appeared in the online magazine three days later.

One by-product of the invasion has been a flowering of interest, worldwide, in Ukrainian culture, including classical music, composers and performers. As John Dante Prevedini commented during the programme on 24 February 2022: '... this is an opportunity to really dive deeply into the rich and multi-dimensional history and heritage of Ukrainian music. I happen to know several wonderfully talented and productive Ukrainian composers who are living here in the States, and I would say that it's important to include them - to engage with them in an active ongoing dialogue, and to hear their perspectives and hear their stories ...'

On the same day, 24 February 2022, Andriy Lehki, a Ukrainian musicologist living in the USA, had been due to deliver a lecture in Ukraine on minimalism, but the lecture had to be cancelled due to the invasion. A month later, John Dante Prevedini was able to interview Lehki here about his particular take on minimalism.


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