The Rite of Spring - The Music of Modernity

The Rite of Spring - The Music of Modernity

Gillian Moore

ISBN: 9 781786 696823 (Head of Zeus Ltd, Book)


Number of pages: 212 pages
Chapters: 14
© 2019 Gillian Moore
Country of manufacture: UK
Reviewer: Ron Bierman
Review of The Rite of Spring - The Music of Modernity published on 17 April 2019


1 Who was Igor Stravinsky?

2 The Reinvention of the Russian Soul

3 From a Dream to a First Night: The Making of The Rite of Spring

4 A Hot Night in May

5 The Music of The Rite of Spring: What Was So New?

6 The Rite Step by Step: A Listening Guide

7 The Aftershocks

Some Recordings of The Rite of Spring

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An Apollo book, first published in the UK by Head of Zeus Ltd.
Part of the Landmark Library series.



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