Odradek Records

Odradek Records, founded by John Anderson in 2012 in the USA, is a democratic, artist-controlled, non-profit cooperative, promoting new artists and fresh repertoire. Artists are selected through the label's own democratic, blind-judging platform, allowing the catalogue to be based purely on musicality rather than background, image or publicity.

Odradek aims to forge a more human and personal bond between its artists and their public. Wherever possible, recordings are released under a Creative Commons licence. The label organises itinerant music festivals, moving from city to city, to promote its CDs and music, and it has its own recording studios based in Italy.

Notable artists recording for Odradek include pianist Mei Yi Foo and Yukiko Kojima, SMASH ensemble, cellist Beatriz Bianco, the Carion wind quintet and Latvia's Liepaja Symphony Orchestra.

Further information: odradek-records.com


A selection of articles about Odradek Records

CD Spotlight. Dreams and Tales - Giuseppe Pennisi listens to piano music by Musorgsky and Scriabin played by Michele Campanella. '... the different touch from previous renderings makes this CD very well worth listening to.'

CD Spotlight. Liszt the Pilgrim - Michele Campanella's recording of Liszt's 'Années de pèlerinage', reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi. '... a virtuoso rendering with a very personal touch.'

CD Spotlight. Undoubtedly Colourful - Music by Poulenc and Koechlin, heard by Paul Sarcich. 'Odradek and the Bambergers have produced clean, well-balanced recordings and treated both composers with great sensitivity. The orchestral playing is first rate.'