Etcetera Records

Belgian label Etcetera Records was founded by the late David Rossiter and the late Michel Arcizet in the early 1980s. Their dream was to make space for unknown, forgotten and new music neglected by the major labels. In 2002 the label was bought by Coda Distribution, and Dirk De Greef and Roman Jans continue to release high quality material.  Etcetera is linked to the Tuscan record label Olive Music and to Quintessence BVBA and the label Quintessen'ce.

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A selection of articles about Etcetera Records

CD Spotlight. Redefining the Idiomatic - Contemporary music for baroque instruments, heard by John Dante Prevedini. 'I consider the results compelling, and I hope to hear more works for these resurrected instruments in this new idiom.'

CD Spotlight. Gentle and Tender Stravinsky - Giuseppe Pennisi listens to violin and piano music by the Russian master. '... a new and beautiful reading ...'