Cipriano de Rore

Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer Cipriano de Rore was born in 1515 or 1516, probably in Ronse. He was a disciple or follower of Adrian Willaert, possibly studying with him in Venice. He began to be known as a composer of madrigals and motets during the period 1542-5, whilst he was at Brescia.

He moved on to Ferrara, where, from 1546, he was choirmaster, and remained there during the most productive period of his life, but appears to have had an unsettled and unhappy final few years, travelling, discovering that his home town had been destroyed, and working briefly in various places (including a short spell in charge at St Mark's Venice).

He died in Parma, between 11 and 20 September 1565, aged forty-nine, leaving more than a hundred madrigals, over fifty motets, five mass settings, several Magnificats, and a Passion according to St John. Mainly through his madrigals, he became one of the most influential composers of his period.

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