Bongiovanni Records

Italian record label Bongiovanni began with a prize-winning 1975 recording of a live concert by soprano Mirella Freni, but the Bongiovanni record shop in the centre of Bologna has existed since 1905, specialising in classical music.

Bongiovanni Records' catalogue includes recordings of recitals by Marilyn Horne, Carlo Bergonzi, Mariella Devia and Giuseppe Giacomini, and rare operas by Bizet, Donizetti, Catalani, Cimarosa, Mascagni, Mercandante, Paisiello and Pergolesi, also available on DVD.

The company's Il Mito dell'Opera (Legendary Opera) collection features portrayals by historical singers in rare recordings. Novita del Passato (News from the Past) features rare opera, orchestral and chamber music, mostly in first recordings. Historical Opera Collection offers complete 'golden age' historical opera recordings - a continuation of the series The Golden Age of Opera.

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