Roger Quilter

English composer Roger Quilter was born in Hove on 1 November 1877 into a large and wealthy family. He studied at Eton and then at Dr Hoch's Konservatorium in Frankfurt (where fellow composition students of Ivan Knorr included Henry Balfour Gardiner, Percy Grainger, Norman O'Neill and Cyril Scott). 

A member of the so-called Frankfurt group of composers (who shared a dislike of Beethoven), Quilter wrote over a hundred delicate and refined songs, many of which are still performed, and is also known for light music such as the Children's Overture, but he also wrote operas such as Love at the Inn and Julia. His vocal music was performed by leading baritone Gervase Elves, and Quilter influenced various other English composers, including Peter Warlock.

Quilter died in London on 21 September 1953, aged 75.

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