Jean Pullois

Jean Pullois, also known as Johannes Pullois, Pillays, Pillois or Puilloys, was a Renaissance Franco-Flemish composer who was instrumental in carrying the Franco-Flemish polyphonic style from The Netherlands to Italy and was a colleague of Johannes Ockeghem. He was probably born in about 1420 near Antwerp, where, in 1443, he became master of singing at the Church of Our Lady.

In 1447 he moved to Rome and sang in the papal chapel until 1468. His Christmas motet Flos de spina for four voices and the cyclic three voice Missa sine nomine (which may have been the work of someone else) probably both date from this period in Italy. Some other music by Pullois has also survived, including the motet Victime paschali laudes and some secular songs.

He returned to Antwerp for the last ten years of his life, becoming residential canon at the Church of Our Lady. He died in Antwerp on 23 August 1478.

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