Claudio Prieto

Spanish composer Claudio Prieto was born in Palencia on 24 November 1934. As a boy he played various musical instruments in the municipal band at Guardo. At sixteen he began studying with musicologist Samuel Rubio.

From 1960, for three years, he studied with Goffredo Petrassi, Bruno Maderna and Boris Porena at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome, on a cultural exchange scholarship from the Spanish government.

His work Improvisation for chamber ensemble was first performed in Madrid at the Ateneo Auditorium, and in 1969 his Solo a Solo for flute and guitar won the Best Spanish work for Young Musicians award, bringing national and international recognition. He wrote at least four symphonies.

Although he lived in Madrid, he kept the link with his birthplace, dedicating much of his music to Palencia, including the 2005 Cantata manriqueña: Ni miento ni me arrepiento.

Claudio Prieto died on 5 April 2015, aged eighty.