Jonathan Harvey

 '... ecstatic, inspired, filled now with contemplative rapture, then suddenly with exuberant, joyful dance, and always beautiful ...' - Andrew Porter

English composer Jonathan Harvey, born in Sutton Coldfield on 3 May 1939, was a chorister at St Michael's College, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. He studied with Erwin Stein and Hans Keller, and received doctorates from Cambridge and Glasgow Universities. He combined postgraduate study at Glasgow University with playing cello with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. A Harkness Fellowship at Princeton University introduced him to Milton Babbitt. He was invited by Pierre Boulez to work at IRCAM in Paris, and produced several works there. There are about one hundred recordings of Harvey works on CD, and his music receives nearly two hundred performances and broadcasts per year. His various academic appointments included Oxford, Imperial College, Stanford and Sussex.

Jonathan Harvey died in Lewes on 4 December 2012, aged seventy-three, following a long terminal illness.


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