Anett Fodor

Anett Fodor is a pianist, having begun her musical education with this instrument at the age of seven. She studied Piano, Music Pedagogy (in particular the concept developed by Zoltán Kodály), the History of Music and Musical Theory at the Károly Eszterházy College in the picturesque Hungarian city of Eger. Parallel to these musical studies she also studied History and qualified in both subjects.

Ms Fodor went on to spend a further two years at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, earning an MA in International Relations. Her extensive degree studies in these three fields honed her curiosity for historic detail as much as international musical style and broad cultural awareness. Already fluent in several European languages, Anett Fodor continued her studies in the English language at the Dániel Berzsenyi College in Szombathely, qualifying in 2007.

She lives with her husband and three children in Hungary close to the Hungarian-Austrian-Slovak border.

Articles by Anett Fodor

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Anett Fodor listens to Hungarian viola player Vidor Nagy. 'The mellifluous sound, the doleful melody, as well as Vidor Nagy's sensitive performance convince the listener that both the artist and instrument are worthy of recognition.'

Leon McCawley plays Schubert. 'His unique touch, articulation, expressive dialogue between hands and outstanding technique are admirably illustrated in virtuoso passages which demonstrate his remarkable sense of style. This recording offers many memorable moments for the listener.'

Louis Lortie's Saint-Saëns thrills Anett Fodor. 'Louis Lortie's wonderfully led singing melodic lines, outstanding technique, musicality and cooperation with the conductor as well as the outstanding orchestral playing demand one's full attention.'

Leslie Tung plays Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn, impressing Annet Fodor. '... a rare and unusual musical find.'

Music by Craig Safan. 'The blending of classical instruments with new electronic techniques combined in melodious, catchy themes, resulting in an unusual orchestration.'

'The Barber of Seville' at an unusual venue in Hungary

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Angela Brownridge plays Debussy Préludes. '... her inexhaustible source of timbre, the delicate style and use of both pedals, as well as her excellent piano technique demand listeners' full attention.'

Keyboard music by J S Bach. 'Simone Leitão plays with a sharply honed, flawless technique and her sense of style is highly refined.'

Music by Peter Garland. 'It was the first - but I am sure not the last - time that I had listened to Garland's music and for 34 minutes time stood still while I was listening to it.'

Articles about Anett Fodor

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