Melodiya - Russian for 'melody' - is a Russian record label known for its authentic recordings of music by Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich and others. It was established in 1964 as the Soviet Union's major state-owned record company, and thousands of artists have appeared on its recordings.

In the 1970s and 80s, the label's recordings began to appear on other labels - Angel, HMV and, later, BMG. When its BMG contract expired in 2003, the company reopened, with new management, and began in 2006 to re-release recordings under its own name, some of which have been reviewed here.


A selection of articles about Melodiya

CD Spotlight. Music as Manifesto - John Dante Prevedini listens to contemporary music by Nastasia Khrushcheva. '... genuinely powerful and positively transformative ...'

CD Spotlight. An Unforgettable Recital - Ona Jarmalavičiūtė listens to Evgeny Kissin's Chopin recital from the 1985 December Nights Music Festival. 'From the very beginning of his career at the top of his game, Evgeny Kissin presents a performance that is, simply put, wild.'

CD Spotlight. Magical Repertoire - Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Kashchei the Immortal', enjoyed by Gerald Fenech. 'Do not be taken aback; the sound quality is miraculous and I enjoyed listening to this historic venture with immense pleasure.'

CD Spotlight. Rising Stars - Dmitri Shostakovich's complete concertos, recommended by Geoff Pearce. '... unreservedly first class, not just for the technical prowess of the soloists and orchestra but also in the artistic vision of all involved.'

CD Spotlight. Distinct Insights - Dejan Lazic plays Beethoven, heard by Howard Smith. '... a crisp, vernal, excellently deliniated performance ...'

Stolen property - The daughter of a Christchurch actress fights church duplicity in Moscow, by Howard Smith