K C Devereaux

K C Devereaux, of Detroit, Michigan, USA, is a writer of short fiction, screenplays, novels and book reviews. Her stories have appeared in several literary magazines including The North American Review.  Her story Nota Bene (about an anxiety fraught piano recital) appeared in this magazine.  And yes, to all those who wrote to inquire, she’s still practicing the same J S Bach inventions she was practicing forty (or more - vanity forbids how many more) years ago.

Articles by K C Devereaux

David Rubinstein plays Busoni. '... Rubenstein's hand is steady on the tiller.'

Christina Linhardt's 'Voodoo Princess'. 'The only voodoo conjured here is the dread spectre of "Smooth Jazz".'

Music by Rachel Portman. 'Portman's score ably captures the poignancy ...'

K C Devereaux tells the story of the second best piano student in the class



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