Nektarios Chargeishvili

Georgian composer, philosopher and teacher Nektarios Nektariosovich Chargeishvili was born in Leningrad on 5 September 1937, grew up in Abkhazia and spent most of his short life in Moscow. He studied music at Moscow Conservatory, where his teachers included Tikhon Khrennikov and Aram Khachaturian, and later studied philosophy at Moscow State University.

He produced a series of orchestral scores and also wrote film music, sometimes under the pseudonym N Yakovlev.

At the start of his career he taught instrumentation and score reading at Moscow Conservatory, but was dismissed from his position and prevented from working in any capacity at all by the Soviet authorities because of his public criticism of the regime. This caused his mental health to deteriorate and he took his own life (by hanging) in Moscow on 14 November 1971, aged thirty-four.


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