Jean Papineau-Couture

Canadian composer and teacher Jean Papineau-Couture was born in Montreal on 12 November 1916 into a musical family - his grandfather was the composer and conductor Guillaume Couture.

Jean Papineau-Couture wrote nearly a hundred works, many for the CBC and various Canadian orchestras.

He also taught music for over fifty years, developing a musical acoustics course based on the principles of resonance applied to the evolution of musical composition. He was fascinated by timbre.

He taught Canadian composers Jacques Hetu, François Morel and André Prévost. From 1968 until 1973, Papineau-Couture was dean of the music faculty at Montreal University.

His music tended to be experimental, and retained an international perspective following studies with Nadia Boulanger in the 1940s in the USA, where he met (and studied the music of) Stravinsky.

Honours include Companion of the Order of Canada (1993) and Governor General's Performing Arts Award (1994).

Jean Papineau-Couture died in Montreal on 11 August 2000, aged eighty-three.