Coviello Classics

Based in Germany, Coviello Classics organises its recordings into editions which cover a broad spectrum of the repertoire: Authentic Performance (Renaissance and Baroque), Coviello Classics (the classical era), Coviello Contemporary (contemporary classical music), Coviello Bambini (music for children) and Coviello Special (jazz and folk music).

Since 2000, the company's main objective has been to create special listening experiences, working across the genre boundaries. This can mean discoveries of little-known works or composers, or unorthodox performances of more familiar works.

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A selection of articles about Coviello Classics

CD Spotlight. Recommended by Mozart - Georg Anton Benda's melodrama 'Medea', reviewed by Gerald Fenech. 'Katharina Thalbach is overwhelmingly effective as the narrator, while Marcus Bosch's conducting is intensely committed, capturing all the seething complexities of love, betrayal and revenge, grappling in Medea's heart and mind, with electrifying exuberance.'

CD Spotlight. Unearthing Lost Cornerstones - John Dante Prevedini listens to music by seventeenth century composer Balthasar Erben. '... the disk itself becomes a curatorial introduction to the composer's entire life and work. The Coviello label evidently understands the weight of this responsibility very well ...'

CD Spotlight. In Perfect Balance - Mendelssohn from Laura Buruiana and Ferenc Vizi impresses Andrew Schartmann. 'Their playing is musical to the very core and their technique flawless.'