Piotr Lachert

Polish composer, pianist and teacher Piotr Lachert was born in Warsaw on 5 September 1938.

He lived and worked in Poland, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy, working as a piano teacher and director of masterclasses, and creating an artistic legacy in each place.

As a composer he was self-taught, writing his first pieces in 1970. Over ninety works have been published by ten different publishers, and his music has been performed at many festivals, and in many contemporary music concerts.

The Lachert Foundation was established in Brussels in 2007 to document and promote the musical and literary work of Piotr Lachert.

Lachert died on 18 September 2018, aged eighty, leaving more than two-hundred compositions, including chamber music, concertos, operas, many piano pieces, plus orchestral works, sonatas, vocal and theatre works.

Information: www.lachertfoundation.eu