Bram Beekman

Dutch organist, composer and teacher Bram Beekman was born in Vlissingen on 5 November 1949 and studied organ at Brabants Conseratory in Tilburg with Louis Toebosch then in Vienna with Anton Heiller.

He was professor of organ at Brabants Conservatory (1980-2012), and from 1997 he was organist at the Oostkerk in Middelburg.

He gave many concerts in The Netherlands and abroad, made radio and TV recordings and recorded the complete organ works of J S Bach and César Franck.

He wrote music for organ, choir and orchestra.

He became a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau in 2014.

Following an illness which began in September 2015, Bram Beekman died in Middelburg on 30 March 2016, aged sixty-six.