Amil Biswas

Amil Biswas, the revolutionary Indian composer who wrote for the Indian film industry, was born on 7 July 1914 in Barisal, East Bengal. His colourful life in music began in his teens, as a freedom fighter in the struggle against British colonialists. He was forced to flee to Calcutta, where he was introduced to the music world by a woman from the red light district, meeting the Bengali poet Qazi Nurul Hasan and working with the Rang Mahal Theatre.

In 1934 he began his composing career in Mumbai, writing music the following year for the film Dharam Ki DeviDevi, which assured his subsequent success.

He is known for introducing Bengali folk music and the sound of the western orchestra into Indian film music. He also introduced two popular Indian playback singers - Mukesh and Talat Mehmood.

Amil Biswas died in New Delhi on 31 May 2003, aged eighty-nine.

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