Steve Elcock: Symphony No 8; Violin Concerto

Steve Elcock: Symphony No 8; Violin Concerto

NI 6446 (Nimbus Records, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (7 June 2024)

Playing time: 56'24"
Tracks: 4
Booklet pages: 20
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Main country of recording: United Kingdom
Country of manufacture: United Kingdom
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Steve Elcock: Symphony No 8; Violin Concerto published on 26 May 2024

Zoë Beyers, violin
English Symphony Orchestra
Kenneth Woods, conductor

Steve Elcock (born 1957):

Violin Concerto (2006)

Symphony No 8 (1981/2021)

The 21st Century Symphony Project is an English Symphony Orchestra initiative conceived by Kenneth Woods. The initial goal was to commission, premiere and record nine new symphonies by nine different composers. Alongside Steve Elcock's Symphony No 8, other pieces that are part of the 21st Century Symphony Project include David Matthews' Symphony No 9 (NI 6382), Philip Sawyers' Symphony No 3 (NI 6353) and Adrian Williams' Symphony No 1 (NI 6432).

Recorded on 28 July 2021 (track 4) and 26 May 2022 (tracks 1-3) at Wyastone Concert Hall, Monmouth, Wales, UK.