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Parma Recordings acquires the American classical label Albany Records


Founded in 1987, Albany Records has been a leading voice in classical music recordings for over three decades. With a focus on both historical masterpieces and modern compositions, Albany's extensive catalog offers classical music enthusiasts a thorough look at the past, present and future of the genre.

Grammy-winning production house Parma Recordings announced on 25 April 2024 its acquisition of Albany Records. The classical label is welcomed as a new member of the Parma family, with Parma assuming responsibility for Albany operations and catalog administration.

Albany's catalog will be available alongside releases from Parma's Navona, Ravello, Big Round, and Ansonica Record labels. The acquisition aligns with and further strengthens Parma's offerings, adding new depth to an already diverse array of recordings.

A screenshot of the Albany Records website, announcing the label's acquisition by Parma Recordings
A screenshot of the Albany Records website, announcing the label's acquisition by Parma Recordings

Parma CEO Bob Lord says:

We are honored to welcome Albany Records into the Parma family. Albany's historical focus on excellence and innovation in the arts mirrors our own values at Parma. We are committed to upholding Albany's legacy, and to ensuring that their extraordinary catalog of classical music continues to reach new audiences.

Founded in 1987, Albany Records offers classical music fans access to a broad palette of talented artists and an expansive catalog that showcases both time-honored classics and innovative contemporary works.

Albany founders Peter Kermani and Susan Bush, who will continue to serve as artistic directors for the label, shared their thoughts on the transition.

Peter Kermani:

Albany's journey over the past few decades has been one of passion and dedication. Seeing it find a new home with Parma, an institution that shares our vision for the future of classical music, is immensely gratifying.

Susan Bush:

We've always believed in preserving the traditions and integrity of classical music while also making room for new voices. With Parma, Albany's legacy is in good hands.

Through this acquisition, Albany's catalog will continue to resonate with classical music enthusiasts for years to come. Parma has updated and relaunched Albany's website, maintaining the presence of Albany's celebrated catalog with updated aesthetics, new features, and more.

Specializing in high quality audio production, social media promotion, digital advertising, website design and development, and multimedia creation, Parma's international team works with a diverse roster of creative types across several independent record labels with the goal of making compelling music and media in an innovative, engaging and entertaining way.

Posted 29 April 2024 by Keith Bramich



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