Piotr Anderszewski. Bartók, Janáček, Szymanowski

Piotr Anderszewski. Bartók, Janáček, Szymanowski

5054197891274 (Warner Classics, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (26 January 2024)
Tracks: 25
Booklet pages: 12
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Main country of recording: Germany
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Piotr Anderszewski. Bartók, Janáček, Szymanowski published on 8 January 2024

Piotr Anderszewski, piano

Leoš Janáček:

Po zarostlĂ©m chodníčku JW 8/17 (On an overgrown path) Book II
1 Andante
2 Allegretto
3 Vivo
4 Più mosso
5 Allegro

Karol Szymanowski:

Twenty Mazurkas, Op 50 M 56
6 No 3 Moderato
7 No 7 Poco vivace - Tempo oberka
8 No 8 Moderato (non troppo)
9 No 10 Allegramente - Vivace - Con brio
10 No 5 Moderato
11 No 4 Allegramente, risoluto

Béla Bartók:

Fourteen Bagatelles, Op 6 Sz 38
12 Molto sostenuto
13 Allegro giocoso
14 Andante
15 Grave
16 Vivo
17 Lento
18 Allegretto molto capriccioso
19 Andante sostenuto
20 Allegretto grazioso
21 Allegro
22 Allegretto molto rubato
23 Rubato
24 Elle est morte: Lento funebre
25 Valse: Ma mie qui danse - Presto

'The works on this album are imbued with a sense of rebellion [...] These works plumb the very roots of music.' Warsaw-born Piotr Anderszewski juxtaposes solo piano works by three composers who shaped the musical identity of their respective Central European countries in the early twentieth century: Janáček in then Moravia (which became part of Czechoslovakia in 1918), Szymanowski in Poland, and Bartók in Hungary. The repertoire includes Janáček's On an overgrown path, six of Szymanowski's mazurkas, and Bartók's fourteen bagatelles.

Recorded in October 2016 at Warsaw Radio, Poland (Janáček) and from 30 July to 2 August 2023 at Teldex Studio, Berlin, Germany (Bartók and Szymanowski).