Herman D Koppel, composer and pianist: Moses; Songs; Pieces for the piano

Herman D Koppel, composer and pianist: Moses; Songs; Pieces for the piano

DACOCD 573-574 (Danacord Records, CD, 2 discs)

FIRST RELEASE (1 October 2023)

Playing time: 67'44"/72'07" - TT 139'51"
Tracks: 27 + 64
Booklet pages: 24
℗ 2023 Danacord
© 2023 Danacord
Main country of recording: Denmark
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Herman D Koppel, composer and pianist: Moses; Songs; Pieces for the piano published on 16 November 2023

Lone Koppel, soprano (CD1 tracks 1-23), speaker (CD2 tracks 9-58), piano (CD2 track 63)
Willy Hartmann, narrator (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Kurt Westi, Angel of the Lord (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Hans Christian Andersen, Abraham (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Frans Andersson, Moses (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Gurli Plesner, Mirjam (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Mogens Schmidt Johansen, Josua (CD1 tracks 1-23)
DR Symphony Orchestra (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Danish National Radio Choir (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Miltiades Caridis, conductor (CD1 tracks 1-23)
Vibeke Kristensen, soprano (CD1 tracks 24-25 and CD2 tracks 61 and 64)
Thomas Peter Koppel, tenor (CD1 tracks 26-27 and CD2 tracks 60 and 62-63), speaker (CD2 tracks 9-58)
Jonathan Koppel, tenor (CD2 tracks 2-8 and 59)
Irene Hasager Johansen, piano (CD1 tracks 24-27 and CD2 tracks 2-8, 59 and 64)
Christina Bjørkøe, piano (CD2 tracks 1 and 9-58)
Allan Sjølin, guitar (CD2 tracks 59-62)

Herman D Koppel (1908-1998):


1-23 Moses - Oratorio on Biblical texts for solo voices, chorus and orchestra, Op 76 (1963-1964)

24-25 Two Songs on poems by Ole Wivel

26-27 Two Songs on poems by Robert Browning and Walter de la Mare


1 Gammel Dans

2-8 Årstiderne

9-58 Fifty Short Pieces for the Piano

59 Solhvervssang

60 Ørkenhyrden

61 Spindevise

62 Sangen om Larsen

63 Lille Digter Skrøne

64 Aftensang

Composer Herman David Koppel (1908-1998) was the leading composer of his generation and he was not only admired as a composer, but also highly praised as a truly virtuosic and original pianist. This volume 7 in the ongoing Koppel series features his dramatic masterpiece, the biblical oratorio Moses in a recording from the first performance. Also includes new recordings sung by grandson Thomas Koppel of songs plus the complete Fifty short pieces for piano played by the brilliant Danish pianist Christina Bjørkøe. Extensive notes and rare photos in a twenty-four page booklet make this set an invaluable addition to Danish music.

Moses was recorded by DR on 21 October 1965 at its first performance, in DR Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark. All the songs and piano pieces were recorded at The Village Recording, Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2023.