The Synthetists Revisited

The Synthetists Revisited

8.579135 (Naxos Records, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (23 June 2023)

Playing time: 73'55"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 16
℗ 2023 Naxos Rights (Europe) Ltd
© 2023 Naxos Rights (Europe) Ltd
Main country of recording: Belgium
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Paul Sarcich
Review of The Synthetists Revisited published on 20 July 2023

Michaël Tambour, trumpet (track 11)
Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force
Matty Cilissen, conductor

Jules Strens (1893–1971):

Gil Blas, Symphonic Variations, Op 2 (1921)
1 Theme: Allegro vivo
2 Variation 1: Moderato grazioso
3 Variation 2: Vivace
4 Variation 3: Très modéré (un peu lent)
5 Variation 4: Moderato
6 Variation 5: Molto largo e solennel - Finale: Allegro gaio

Marcel Poot (1901–1988):

Tartarin de Tarascon, Humorous Suite (1924)
7 Le Départ ('Departure')
8 Aventure galante ('Gallant Adventure')
9 Danse orientale ('Oriental Dance')
10 Retour ('Return')

Francis de Bourguignon (1890–1961):

11 Récitatif et Ronde, Op 94 (1951)

Gaston Brenta (1902–1969):

12 Zo'har, Choreographic Fantasy (1928)

Théo Dejoncker (1894–1964):

13 Guitenstreken (Gaminerie) (date unknown)

Maurice Schoemaker (1890–1964):

Brueghel Suite, Symphonic Variations (1928)
14 Prelude
15 Scherzo
16 March
17 Nocturno
18 Finale

In September 1925, seven students gathered in Brussels to form the first composers' collective in Belgian music history - Les Synthetistes - who sought to distinguish themselves from late Romantic style by connecting with contemporary music. A lack of symphony orchestras in Belgium at the time saw them composing and transcribing original works for wind band, and through their collaboration with Arthur Prevost and the Band of the Belgian Guides, a unique canon of original, modern music could be heard on the Brussels concert stages during the interwar period. This recording provides a resounding response to the injustice of this repertoire's complete neglect today. Works by the collective's 'master' Paul Gilson and the seventh member, Rene Bernier, can be heard on the digital single 9.70351.

Recorded on 4 (tracks 7-10), 5 (track 12), 6 (tracks 1-6 and 11) and 7 (tracks 13-18) July 2022 at Perwex, Perwez, Belgium.