Ourselves, as we are - Carlos Cipa

Ourselves, as we are - Carlos Cipa

5054197274374 (Warner Classics, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (24 February 2023)
Tracks: 9
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Main country of recording: Germany
Reviewer: John Dante Prevedini
Review of Ourselves, as we are - Carlos Cipa published on 24 February 2023

Carlos Cipa, piano

Carlos Cipa (born 1990):

1 Took

2 Between two strangers

3 Walk so silently

4 Unpredictable patterns

5 Ourselves, as we are

6 Face the sea

7 City waiting

8 Maintenance

9 Forgotten me

In recent years, many of us have had more time to get to know ourselves. It is this process of coming to terms with our innermost selves that Carlos Cipa celebrates with his new album. Ourselves, as we are is made up of nine short piano pieces, created in just a few weeks, described by Cipa as a 'conscious introspection', a 'zooming in on the object of contemplation, and in this case oneself'. Cipa took another decisive conceptual approach when writing this album - to play as quietly as possible. The fascinating result provides a new piano sound world, almost devoid of percussive elements.