Klezmer Fiddler on the Roof

Klezmer Fiddler on the Roof

MC999 (Musical Concepts, CD)

REISSUE (13 May 2022)

Playing time: [c130']
Tracks: 32
Booklet pages: 4
℗ 2017 Stage Stars Records
© 2017 Stage Stars Records, 2022 Musical Concepts (digital edition)
Main country of recording: United States of America
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Klezmer Fiddler on the Roof published on 3 July 2022

Miles Phillips (Teyve)
Sarah Downs (Golde)
Stacie Perlman (Tzeitel)
Christine Hope (Hodel)
Rob Langeder (Perchik)
Denise Devlin (Chava)
Chuck Karel (Lazar Wolf)
Jillian Hemann (Yente)
Jason Wynn (Motel)
Marissa Rosen (Granda Tzeitel)
Liz Donathan (Frump-Sarah)
Paul Malamphy (The Rabbi)
Michael Hopewell (Fyedka)
The Stage Stars Chorus
The Klezmer Fiddler on the Roof Band
Stephen Pearl, conductor

Jerry Bock:

Klezmer Fiddler on the Roof - lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Vocal version
1 Tradition
2 Matchmaker
3 If I Were a Rich Man
4 Sabbath Prayer
5 To Life
6 Tevye's Monologue
7 Miracle of Miracles
8 Tevye's Dream
9 Sunrise, Sunset
10 Now I Have Everything
11 Tevye's Rebuttal
12 Do You Love Me
13 The Rumor
14 Far From the Home I Love
15 Chavaleh
16 Anatevka

Karaoke version
17 Tradition
18 Matchmaker
19 If I Were a Rich Man
20 Sabbath Prayer
21 To Life
22 Tevye's Monologue
23 Miracle of Miracles
24 Tevye's Dream
25 Sunrise Sunset and Wedding Dance
26 Now I Have Everything
27 Tevye's Rebuttal
28 Do You Love Me
29 The Rumor
30 Far From the Home I Love
31 Chavaleh
32 Anatevka

Musical Concepts is excited to release Klezmer Fiddler on the Roof! Set in Eastern Russian in 1905, Fiddler on the Roof has been played by an orchestra of various sizes – but if you lived in the village of Anatevka, you would have been listening to a small group of musicians known as Klezmorim who played what we call today traditional Yiddish music. Producer Stephen Pearl re-orchestrated and recorded a version of Fiddler on The Roof with a Klezmer Band for his Stage Stars label, which features original and unique releases of major Broadway musicals of the present and past in two-disc sets - one with singers, and the other an orchestral disc that aspiring artists and fans of theater music can sing along to. This release also features the instrumental-only 'karaoke' program, which brings a new dimension to the music of this Broadway classic.