Luis Gianneo

Composer, conductor, teacher, pianist and organist Luis Gianneo began (9 January 1897) and ended (15 August 1968) his life in Buenos Aires, and, apart from three brief periods in Europe, spent his life in his native Argentina. He founded two orchestras - the Argentinian Youth Orchestra in 1945 (for Radio El Mundo) and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Radio Nacional. He was director of the National Conservatory, a member of both the Cultural Commission and the Academy of Fine Arts, and he won many awards for his music. His work can be divided into four periods - early development with much French and German influence (1913-23), a transition period, creating a national style from his European training and local folk music (1923-32), a period of maturity in folk music and neoclassicism, resulting in simple, economical music (1933-53) and a gradual move towards the use of twelve note music (1953-68).

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