Suppé: 'Mozart' incidental music

Suppé: 'Mozart' incidental music

8.574383 (Naxos, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (27 May 2022)

Playing time: 57'41"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 8
℗ 2022 Naxos Rights (Europe) Ltd
© 2022 Naxos Rights (Europe) Ltd
Main country of recording: Czech Republic
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Suppé: 'Mozart' incidental music published on 7 June 2022

Julie Svěcená, violin (track 3)
Pavel Rybka, organ (tracks 7 and 8)
Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra
Dario Salvi, conductor

Franz von Suppé (1819-1895):

Mozart (1854) - Play in four acts - incidental music
1 Overture
2 Act I: Szena nach dem Vorspiel
3 Act I: Concertino
4 Act II: Liebe
5 Act II: Aphorism
6 Act III: Bestellungen
7 Act IV: Fantasie
8 Act IV: Erklärung

9 Die Afrikareise overture (1883)

Recorded 3-7 May 2021 at The House of Culture, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Universally famous for his glorious overtures Light Cavalry and Poet and Peasant, Franz von Suppé was one of the greatest exponents of the golden Age of Viennese Operetta. But he was also a master of incidental music for popular plays, one of which is Mozart – an example of Künstler-Lebensbild ('life portrait of an artist'). Suppé's music subtly accompanies the stage action as the story of the composition of Mozart's music unfolds, offering a potpourri of Mozart's works served up with Suppé's trademark flair. Die Afrikareise presents a piquant and brilliant travelogue.