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Oregon Symphony's latest digital series celebrates the connection between culture and music, spotlighting the diversity of Oregon's extraordinary musical landscape


Oregon Symphony is proud to present Notations, its newest digital series featuring personal stories and performances that highlight the deep connection between musical expression and culture through the lens of five Oregon musicians. Notations will be released bi-weekly on Thursdays on Oregon Symphony's recently launched digital hub, Studio 125.

Every musician's story begins with a first instrument, a first note, a first song that sparked their desire to perform and has carried them through their development as an artist. Notations showcases those stories of origin and shines a light on the rich and complex cultures that have influenced and contributed to the tapestry of music in America. Over the course of five episodes, each artist will share personal details of their ancestry, culture and lived experiences and explore the ways in which those histories permeate their work as musicians. Each episode culminates with a performance that includes Oregon Symphony musicians and reflects those unique perspectives.


'We are excited to showcase the diversity of Oregon artists and the experiences and traditions that influence the work they create', says Scott Showalter, Oregon Symphony President and CEO. 'Through digital programs like Notations, Oregon Symphony highlights the intricate cultural fabrics that weave our community together through the power of music.'

Notations' five episodes will feature the following musicians:

— M Ward: A prolific folk singer, songwriter and guitarist, M Ward explores his family's immigration story from Mexico, celebrating his forgotten Mexican-American roots through a memorable musical performance.

— Keiko Araki: An Oregon Symphony violinist, Keiko Araki shares her experience growing up in Canada and exploring her dual Japanese and Chinese heritage, which deeply shaped her evolution into a famed violinist.

— Andy Akiho: An avant-garde percussionist and composer, Andy Akiho's musical style has been shaped by the exploration of his Japanese heritage. Andy will perform one of the first songs he ever wrote, and share more about the surroundings that influenced his music.

— Inés Volgar: With an immigration story that spans Eastern Europe, Venezuela and finally Portland, Inés Volgar's music has always been deeply tied to place. Currently an Oregon Symphony violinist, Inés dedicates a song to her childhood memories in Venezuela.

— Darrell Grant: A prolific member of the Portland Jazz scene, Darrell Grant explores his story of first arriving in Portland and the impact gentrification has had on Jazz in Portland, and the Black community.

Notations is a continuation of Oregon Symphony's dedication to meaningful and relevant digital programming that follows Essential Sounds, Symphony Storytime and Carlos@18.

Led by Music Director David Danzmayr, the multi-Grammy Award-nominated Oregon Symphony ranks as one of America's major orchestras. It produces several hundred concerts and award-winning education and community programs each year, serving more than 250,000 people in-person and tens of millions more people through broadcasts and recordings. Oregon Symphony has broken attendance and fundraising records in recent years, while innovating on stage through multimedia series such as SoundSights, Sounds of Home and SoundStories. Celebrating its 125th anniversary in the 2021/22 season, Oregon Symphony is committed to building the audiences of tomorrow through breakthrough artistic programs with a wide-ranging coalition of cultural thought-leaders and musical innovators.

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Posted 1 August 2021 by Etain O'Longaigh





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