Dowland: 'Whose heavenly touch'

Dowland: 'Whose heavenly touch'

E 8941 (naïve, CD)


Playing time: 56'44"
Tracks: 17
Booklet pages: 32
© 2019 naïve
Main country of recording: FR
Country of manufacture: FR
Reviewer: Patrick Maxwell
Review of Dowland: 'Whose heavenly touch' published on 9 November 2019

Mariana Flores, voice
Hopkinson Smith, lute (8-course lute by Joel van Lennep, 2002)

John Dowland (1563-1626):

1 Flow, my tears
2 Come away, come sweet love
3 O sweet woods
4 I saw my lady weep
5 Can she excuse my wrongs
6 All ye, whom love of fortune hath betray'd
7 Mignarda (instrumental)
8 Fine knacks for ladies
9 Now, o now, I needs must part
10 Come, heavy sleep
11 In darkness let me dwell
12 If my complaints could passions move
13 Wilt thou unkind thus reave me
14 Go crystal tears (instrumental)
15 Go crystal tears
16 Come again!
17 Sorrow, sorrow stay

Recorded in October 2015 at MC2, Grenoble, France