James Brawn - A Beethoven Odyssey Volume 6

James Brawn - A Beethoven Odyssey Volume 6

MS 1470 (MSR Classics, CD)


Playing time: 73'43"
Tracks: 12
Booklet pages: 8
© 2019 James Brawn
Main country of recording: UK
Country of manufacture: US
Reviewer: Lucas Ball
Review of James Brawn - A Beethoven Odyssey Volume 6 published on 22 November 2019

James Brawn, piano
Ulrich Gerhartz, Steinway piano technician
Barry Caradine, piano tuner

Ludwig van Beethoven:

Piano Sonata No 4 in E flat, Op 7 (1796-7)
1 Allegro molto e con brio
2 Largo, con gran espressione
3 Allegro & Minore
4 Rondo (Poco Allegretto e grazioso)

Piano Sonata No 12 in A flat, Op 26 (1800-1)
5 Andante con variazione
6 Scherzo (Allegro molto) & Trio
7 Marcia Funebre sulla morte d'un Eroe. Maestoso andante
8 Allegro

Piano Sonata No 11 in B flat, Op 22 (1799-1800)
9 Allegro con brio
10 Adagio con molta espressione
11 Minuet & Minore
12 Rondo (Allegretto)

Recorded 16-18 December 2018 at Potton Hall, Suffolk, UK



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