Hong Kong Composers' Guild - Resonating Colours 5

Hong Kong Composers' Guild - Resonating Colours 5

NV6242 (Navona Records, CD)


Playing time: [73'35"]
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 6
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Main country of recording: HK
Reviewer: Ona Jarmalavičiūtė
Review of Hong Kong Composers' Guild - Resonating Colours 5 published on 19 August 2019

Wong Hok-yeung Alfred:

1 Night Poem for cello and piano (2001)

Wolfgang Nüßlein, cello
Mary Wu, piano

Chan Chin-ting:

2 Cross-Currents for solo violin (2015)

3 Postcards for solo violin (2017)

Chen Yu-fang, violin

Lee Kar-tai Phoebus:

4 Pyrus Flower in Rain for solo piano (2011)

Lee Kar-tai Phoebus, piano

Chen Yeung-ping:

5 Stretch of Light for contrabass quintet

UCSD Bass Ensemble (Mark Dresser, Matthew Kline, Kyle Motl, Thomas Babin and Timothy McNally)
Chen Yeung-ping, conductor

Ng Chun-hoi Daniel:

6 Prelude II (Wuxing Interaction) for two guitars (2013)

Clarence Mak, guitar
Ng Chun-hoi Daniel, guitar

Au Tin-yung Alex:

7 Dyeing for violin, clarinet and cello (2017)

Judith Ring, violin
Paul Roe, clarinet
Martin Johnson, cello

Ng Chun-hoi Daniel:

8 November Winds for string quartet (1991)

Cheung Chung-wang, violin
Ray Tsoi, violin
Kan Pak-kin, viola
Betty Tang, cello

Wong Chun-wai:

9 Clouds in Twilight for orchestra (2015)

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Bright Sheng, conductor