Peter Lieuwen: Sarumba Double Concerto

Peter Lieuwen: Sarumba Double Concerto

MS 1583 (MSR Classics, CD)


Playing time: 63'27"
Tracks: 6
Booklet pages: 16
© 2018 Peter Lieuwen
Main country of recording: SK
Country of manufacture: US
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Peter Lieuwen: Sarumba Double Concerto published on 24 August 2019

Listen: Peer Lieuwen: Quad Concerto (track 5, 5:27-6:15)

Peter Lieuwen (born 1953):

1 Sarumba for 2 violins and chamber orchestra (2015)

Emeline Pierre, violin
Lavard Skou Larsen, violin
Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss
Lavard Skou Larsen, conductor

Chamber Symphony (2013)
2 Nature - Light and Spirited
3 Love - Tranquillo
4 Cosmos - Driving

Slovak National Symphony Orchestra
Franz Anton Krager, conductor

5 Quad Concerto for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and orchestra (2015)

Soli Chamber Ensemble:
Stephanie Key, clarinet
Ertan Torgul, violin
David Mollenaur, cello
Carolyn True, piano
Moores Symphony Orchestra
Lavard Skou Larsen, conductor

6 Concerto Alfresco for trumpet and orchestra (2013)

Allen Vizzutti, trumpet
Moores Symphony Orchestra
Franz Anton Krager, conductor

Recorded 24 October 2016 at Pauline-Sels Hall, The Romaneum, Neuss, Germany (Sarumba), 21 October 2017 at Slovak Radio Studio 1, Bratislava, Slovakia (Chamber Symphony), 3 December 2015 (Concerto Alfresco) and 3 March 2016 (Quad Concerto) at Moores Opera House, University of Houston, Texas, USA.



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