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Chagall Quartet Tour

The Chagall String Quartet from Italy
will tour China in October 2019


The Chagall String Quartet - Paolo Skabar and Matteo Ghione, violins; Jacopo Toso, viola and Ilsu Güreşçi, cello - consists of young musicians from Italy and Turkey who met in the city of Trieste during their studies. From 16-28 October 2019 the group will take part in an international tour promoted and organized by Chinese company Wu Promotion Ltd, a leader in the organization of cultural events in China.

The Chagall Quartet, founded in 2014, has been hired as one of the best emerging western chamber groups, in order to make 'our' classical music better known in China, and it will play, in some of the most prestigious Chinese concert halls, some of the most relevant pieces from Western music history.

The Chagall String Quartet
The Chagall String Quartet

The tour will stop at eight of the most interesting places for tourism, history and culture, including Ha'erbin Grand Theater, Fuling Grand Theater, the National Library Arts Center in Beijing, and Shanghai Grand Theater, allowing the audience of the entire Peoples Republic of China to know Italy and, in particular, Trieste.

Chongqing Grand Theatre in South-West China
Chongqing Grand Theatre in South-West China

The organizer, Wu Promotion Ltd, is an international leader in the classical music field; many of the most famous personalities and musical organisations on the world stage, such as the Berliner Philarmoniker, Riccardo Chailly, Lang Lang and the Wiener Philarmoniker, collaborate with it. The Chagall Quartet is one of the emerging young string quartets on the Italian national scene, and in recent years it has made its debut in important concert seasons and has already received some prestigious awards.

The Chagall tour has so far been sponsored by the Ananian Philanthropic Foundation of Trieste, the Alto Adriatico Lions Club and the Greek-Oriental Community of Trieste.

The tour will also be an opportunity to introduce some associations and companies from Italy and, especially, from Trieste - throughout China, especially during this year, when Italy (and Trieste) have signed important trade agreements with China.

The concerts will preview programmes designed for the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's birth in 2020: the Quartets Op 18 No 4 and Op 59 No 3 by this composer from Bonn will be interposed by the Quartet Op 13 No 2 by Felix Mendelssohn, which was dedicated to Beethoven.

Finally, the event will allow music students (and others) to get closer to classical music: in addition to attending concerts as an audience, they will be able to enjoy - in the city of Xiamen - a masterclass on Western chamber music, which will be given by the members of the Chagall Quartet.

Posted 8 May 2019 by Keith Bramich


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