Viktor Ullmann

The Czech composer Viktor Ullmann was born on 1 January 1898 near Prague, the son of an army officer. After fighting in World War I he studied in Vienna with Arnold Schoenberg and Alois Hába, a fellow Czech, and then taught, lectured, wrote, and worked for Czech radio.

During World War II, Ullmann was sent to Terezin (Theresienstadt) in 1942, where he was very prolific, writing sixteen works in less than two years, including the one act opera Der Kaiser von Atlantis, oder Die Tod-Verweigerung ('The Emperor of Atlantis, or Death Abdicates', 1943). The libretto, also written in Terezin, was by Petr Kien. Although not a Jew, Ullmann's music of this period was inspired by Jewish themes, quoting, for example, Josef Suk's Asrael in the opera. Sadly, he was killed in Auschwitz on 17 October 1944.

Ullmann's music includes a piano concerto, three string quartets and many songs. His seventh piano sonata (which includes variations on The Song from Palestine) was used as the basis for a reconstruction, in 1989, of a second symphony.

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