Charlotte Sohy

French composer Charlotte Sohy was born Charlotte Marie Louise Durey in Paris on 7 July 1887 - the precocious child of an industrialist who had a full musical and literary education. Vincent d'Indy was one of her teachers. She was friends with Nadia Boulanger and cousin of les six composer Louis Durey.

She married the French conductor and composer Marcel Labey, but adopted the Sohy surname from her maternal grandfather for her compositions. Her output included a symphony, a lyrical drama, masses, songs and chamber music.

Charlotte Sohy died in Paris on 19 December 1955, aged sixty-eight.

In 1974 Charlotte Sohy's grandson began to make an inventory of her works, and also computerised all her scores. Sohy's symphony received its first performance on 6 June 2019 in Besançon, and in April 2022 thirteen of her works appeared on a three CD set on the La Boîte à Pépites label.


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