Lívia Rév

Hungarian pianist Lívia Rév was born in Budapest on 5 July 1916. Her initial piano studies were with Margit Varró and Klára Máthé. She won a prize at nine years old, and performed with an orchestra for the first time when she was twelve. Later studies were at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music with Arnold Székely and Leó Weiner, at the Leipzig Conservatory with Robert Teichmüller and at the Vienna Conservatory with Paul Weingarten.

Her earliest recordings, from around 1947, include a well-known performance of Poulenc's Toccata. Her playing became known for its clarity and light touch.

During the 1950s, her recital and concerto appearances in London were popular. She played regularly all over Europe, appearing with many well-known conductors. She first played in the USA in 1963, and also played in Asia and Africa.

She lived in Paris and taught there at the Université Musicale Internationale.

Lívia Rév died in Paris on 28 March 2018, aged a-hundred-and-one.