Heritage Records

Heritage Records is an independent classical label devoted to producing high quality recordings of differing styles, genres and periods, with a particular emphasis on British repertoire and artists. The company issues new recordings but also resurrects deleted titles, recompiles classic performances and issues material previously unavailable in the United Kingdom.

The name has previously been used for several other labels, so the company shouldn't be confused with the 1960s Australian non-classical label, the USA-based label (also from the 1960s and discontinued by 1970) or BMG Heritage Records (a reissue division of Sony BMG) which became Legacy Recordings in 2005.

A selection of articles about Heritage Records

CD Spotlight. Very Searching - Peter Dickinson's 'The Judas Tree', heard by Robert Anderson. '... a notable performance ...'

CD Spotlight. Uniquely English - A tribute to violinist Ralph Holmes, heard by Howard Smith. '... an invigorating spontaneity ...'



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