Alexander Romanovsky

Ukrainian-born pianist Alexander Romanovsky was born in Kamianske on 21 August 1984 and studied with Leonid Margaruis. When Margaruis emigrated to teach at the Accademica pianistica di Imola, Romanovsky, aged thirteen, followed him to continue his studies, obtaining a master's degree from the Accademica in 2007. After studying for a year with Dmitri Alexeev at the Royal Academy of Music in London, obtaining an Artist's Diploma in 2008, he continued to live in Italy, and became an Italian citizen. In 2010 he made his debut at London's Wigmore Hall.

In 1999, Romanovsky was made an Honorary Academician by the Accademica Filarmonica di Bologna after performing Bach's Goldberg Variations, and in 2001 he gained first prize in the Busoni Piano Compettition in Bolzano. In 2007 he performed a Mozart concerto for Pope Benedict XVI and gained a recording contract with Decca. His first two CDs where produced in 2007 (Brahms and Schumann) and 2009 (Rachmaninov). In 2012 Romanovsky was appointed Honorary Artistic Director of the Keyboard Trust, and also recently became Chairman of the Krainev Competition in the Ukraine.

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