Astor Piazzolla

Argentinian tango composer, arranger and bandoneon player Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla was born in Mar Del Plata on 11 March 1921 to Italian immigrant parents. The family moved to the USA and Piazzolla's father bought a bandoneon from a New York pawn shop in 1929, after which Astor began to play it. He wrote his first tango, La Catinga, in 1932, and took music lessons from Bela Wilda, who taught him to play Bach on his Bandoneon, in 1933.

Back in Argentina, by 1939, Piazzolla was living in Buenos Aires and playing in bandoneon Anibal Troilo's tango orchestra. He also made arrangements and played piano for Troilo, but Troilo had to edit Piazzolla's arrangements, so as not to scare off the dancers, considering them too advanced for their time.

He studied orchestration with Alberto Ginastera, attended rehearsals of the Teatro Colón orchestra and studied scores by Bartók, Ravel, Stravinsky and other twentieth century composers.

He founded Orquesta Tipica in 1946, and began experimenting with the musical content and orchestration of tango, writing El Desbande, his first formal tango, and beginning to compose music for films.

By 1950 he considered abandoning tango completely and searching for a musical style of his own, concentrated on writing and studying music.

His three symphonic pieces Buenos Aires won him a grant from the French government, and he was able to study in Paris with Nadia Boulanger, who encouraged him to return to writing tango music.

Back in Argentina, he created his Orquesta de Cuerdas and began to create a new tango sound, reminiscent of chamber music, which became his nuevo tango, combining the structure of sophisticated music with the passion of tango, leading to a series of important compositions including the operetta María de Buenos Aires and Estaciones Porteñas - Piazzolla's Four Seasons - and to tours in many countries performing his music.

Ástor Piazzolla died in Buenos Aires on 4 July 1992, aged seventy-one, leaving more than a thousand compositions.

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