Vyacheslav Nagovitsin

Russian composer and teacher Vyacheslav Lavrent'yevich Nagovitsin was born in Magnitogorsk on 21 December 1939. He studied with Shostakovich at the Leningrad Conservatory, dedicating his 1968 Violin Concerto to his teacher. He also honoured Shostakovich with a symphonic study, Reflections, for the one hundredth anniversary of the older composer's birth. Other notable works are Nagovitsin's 1962 Flute Sonata.

He worked as a music editor in Leningrad, and also taught there, working at the conservatory from 1970. He completed and orchestrated two unfinished operas by Musorgsky.

Vyacheslav Nagovitsin died on 20 June 2023, aged eighty-three.