Larry Lake

American-born Canadian composer, trumpeter, writer, broadcaster and record producer Larry Ellsworth Lake was born in Pennsylvania, USA on 2 July 1943 and grew up in Florida and Georgia. He studied trumpet at the University of Miami with Harry Glantz, and maintained a career as a concert trumpeter alongside his broadcasting and other work, appearing many times on CBC Radio and Television as a chamber musician and soloist.

He went on to study electronic music at the University of Southern Illinois with Will Gay Bottje, Lejaren Hiller, Hubert S Howe Jr and Robert Moog, then moved to Canada in 1970 to continue electronic music studies at Toronto University with Gustav Ciamaga, but his studies came to an end two years later when he became a music producer for CBC Radio, contributing to programmes such as MusicScope, Themes and Variations, Music Alive and Symphony Hall.

From 1978 until 2007 he was host and music consultant for the CBC Radio programme Two New Hours.

In 1971 he was one of the co-founders of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, and was the group's artistic director from 1985 until his death on 17 September 2013, aged seventy.