Gido Kokars

Latvian choral conductor Gido Kokars was born in Gulbene on 16 August 1921. His twin brother Imants Kokars (1921-2011) was also a conductor, and they appeared together in the 1969 film Līvsalas zēni, and the two brothers also made several documentaries together. Gido also appeared in the 1975 film Motociklu vasara ('The Motorcycle Summer').

Gido Kokars studied choral conducting at the Latvian Conservatory, and continued to conduct several choirs in Riga. He was chief conductor at many Latvian song and dance festivals between 1970 and 1998. Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music made him an honorary professor.

In 1996 he received the Latvian Republic's Three-Star Order, fourth class.

Gido Kokars died in Riga on 10 March 2017, aged ninety-five.