Franz Krommer

Czech composer Franz Krommer (František Vincenc Kramář) was born in Kamenice (Moravia) on 27 November 1759. He studied violin and organ with his uncle in Turany and became organist there in 1777.

In 1785 he was a violinist in the orchestra of the Duke of Styria, and in 1790 he was Maestro di Cappella at Pécs Cathedral in South West Hungary. From 1798 until 1810, whilst  Maestro di Cappella for Duke Ignaz Fuchs, he began to write much of his early music.

From 1811 he was ballet concertmaster at Vienna's Hoftheater, and from 1815 Kammertürhüter to Emperor Franz I.  This led to his appointment in 1818 as court composer and director of chamber music for Franz I, a post he retained until his death, in Vienna, on 8 January 1831, aged seventy-one.

Although best known for his music for wind ensemble, he also wrote seventy string quartets and at least nine symphonies.


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