Bridge Records Inc

Bridge Records Inc is an American independent record label based in New Rochelle, New York, which specializes in twentieth century classical music. Its president is David Starobin. The label has received Grammy awards for recordings of George Crumb's Star-Child ('best contemporary composition', 2001) and for Lorraine Hunt Lieberson's performance of Peter Lieberson's Rilke Songs ('best classical vocal recording', 2007).

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CD Spotlight. The Community Behind the Voice - John Dante Prevedini listens to music by Robert Carl and John McDonald. '... a rich, joyous and life-affirming tribute to the role of community in shaping the artistic voice.'

CD Spotlight. Heartfelt Buoyancy - Tchaikovsky, known and unknown, heard by Gerald Fenech. '... a wondrous sense of joy ...'

CD Spotlight. Skillful and Imaginative - Music by Arlene Sierra impresses Patric Standford. '... an impressive and valuable first volume introduction ...'

CD Spotlight. Mandatory Repertoire - Beethoven's early string quartets, heard by Howard Smith. 'Unquestionably seminal performances ...'

CD Spotlight. Superb Music - Susanna Phillips sings Debussy, Messiaen and Fauré, heard by George Balcombe. '... Fauré knew how to make music live ...'

CD Spotlight. Communicative Benediction - Hermine Haselböck sings Mahler lieder, recommended by Howard Smith. '... on a par with legendary German mezzo Christa Ludwig ...'

CD Spotlight. Castles from the Mist - Vassily Primakov plays Rachmaninov, recommended by Barbara Sealock. '... a triumph in more ways than one.'

CD Spotlight. Beautifully Managed - Music for flute and guitar, heard by Howard Smith. '... reflective and purposeful ...'

CD Spotlight. Formidably Difficult - Antonín Dvorák's Piano Concerto, heard by Stephen Francis Vasta. '... commendable, as far as it goes.'

CD Spotlight. Glittering Technique - Music by Gershwin for piano and orchestra, reviewed by Howard Smith. '... commendable drive and clarity.'