Domenico Cimarosa

Some composers have the misfortune of works that become better known to the public by titles rather than from those who created them. The opera The Secret Marriage is often known as a title to those who have little knowledge of Domenico Cimarosa the composer. He was born (on 17 December 1749) and studied in Naples. In 1787 he went to St Petersburg as court composer, although returning south three years later to succeed Salieri as Kapellmeister in Vienna. He returned to Naples in 1793, where another unusual event for a composer's life was a sentence of death passed in 1799 for sympathies shown to French republicans. This Cimarosa survived by agreeing to leave Naples. He duly left for Russia, only to die en route in Venice on 11 January 1801. Despite all that he left sixty operas and a sizeable corpus of other music.

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