Ray Steadman-Allen

British choral and brass band composer Ray Steadman-Allen (known later as 'RSA') was born in Clapton on 18 September 1922 to Salvation Army officer parents. He served in the Royal Navy and met Granville Bantock, who invited him to apply for a music job after the war.

Steadman-Allen joined the Salvation Army's Music Editorial Department, played trombone with the International Staff Band and then became bandmaster of Tottenham Citadel Band.

RSA's music was ahead of its time, and, when he was running the International Music Editorial Department, he led Salvation Army music into uncharted territory, particularly with his Lord of the Sea.

He broadcast regularly as a bandmaster, wrote the popular book Colour and Texture in the Brass Band Score (Salvation Army, 1980) and encouraged many other leading brass band composers.

Ray Steadman-Allen died on 15 December 2014, aged ninety-two.



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