Paul Wranitzky: Orchestral Works 6

Paul Wranitzky: Orchestral Works 6

8.574454 (Naxos Records, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (28 July 2023)

Playing time: 69'28"
Tracks: 15
Booklet pages: 6
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© 2023 Naxos Rights (Europe) Ltd
Main country of recording: Czech Republic
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Keith Bramich
Review of Paul Wranitzky: Orchestral Works 6 published on 30 July 2023

Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice
Marek Štilec, conductor

Paul Wranitzky (1756-1808):

Die Spanier in Peru, oder Rollas Tod (1795)
1 Ouverture (Act I)
2 Ouverture (Act II)
3 Marcia (Act II Scene 1)
4 Ouverture (Act IV)

Jolantha, Königin von Jerusalem (1797)
5 Ouverture (Act I)
6 Ouverture (Act II)
7 Trauer Marsch (Act II)
8 Ouverture (Act III)
9 Ouverture (Act IV)

Achmet und Zenide (1796)
10 Ouverture (Act I)
11 Ouverture Capriccio (Act II)
12 Ouverture (Act III)
13 Ouverture (Act IV)
14 Marsch (Act IV)
15 Ouverture (Act V)

Vienna's music scene at the end of the eighteenth century was home to many renowned composers, including Paul Wranitzky, who was a respected colleague of Mozart and Haydn and was frequently tasked with providing incidental music for the considerable number of newly written plays. The three pieces heard on this album demonstrate not only Wranitzky's compositional diversity but a gift for symphonically conceived works featuring battle music, solemn polyphonic elements, and the popular Turkish style with its characteristic janissary percussion. Marek Štilec and the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Pardubice have recorded all five previous volumes in this series.

Recorded on 21 (tracks 1-5), 22 (tracks 6-8), 23 (tracks 9-11) and 24 (tracks 12-15) February 2022 at The House of Music, Pardubice, Czech Republic.