Paul Lincke: Das ist die Berliner Luft - Overtures Vol 2

Paul Lincke: Das ist die Berliner Luft - Overtures Vol 2

555 448-2 (cpo, CD)

FIRST RELEASE (3 March 2023)

Playing time: 65'55"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 24
℗ 2023 Classic Produktion Osnabrück
© 2023 Classic Produktion Osnabrück
Main country of recording: Germany
Country of manufacture: Germany
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Paul Lincke: Das ist die Berliner Luft - Overtures Vol 2 published on 25 March 2023

Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt
Ernst Theis, conductor

Paul Lincke (1866-1946):

1 Frau Luna overture

2 Nakiris Hochzeit overture

3 Ein Liebestraum overture

4 Im Reiche des Indra overture

5 Sinnbild (Walzer)

6 Brandbrief-Galopp

7 Das blaue Bild overture

8 Ouvertüre zu einer Revue

9 Ouvertüre zu einer Festlichkeit

Shortly after Vol 1, Vol 2 is already released with further melody-saturated overtures by Paul Lincke, which are thus as good as complete on cpo. 'What Strauss once was for Vienna - Lincke is for Berlin!' These verses by comedian Franz Heigl on Paul Lincke's seventy-fifth birthday celebrate the composer not only as the epitome of Berlin light music, but also as the founder of the associated operetta. Just as Strauss's Die Fledermaus was to Viennese operetta, his Frau Luna (soon to be released on cpo) is still considered a prime example of the Berlin variety of this genre, even though it did not take its present form until thirty years after its first performance. In addition to the overture to Frau Luna, there are other entertaining pieces worth hearing - also from one-act operas - such as the overture to the operetta Das blaue Bild from his successful series at the Apollo Theater in 1906, a 'Fantasy in One Act'. Its very Parisian overture is characterized by a furious presto beginning, striking cornet and clarinet solos, and its sometimes lyrically rapturous, sometimes exuberantly lively dance-like gestures. True authentic Paul Lincke discoveries!

Recorded 10-16 December 2020 at Messehalle 1, Frankfurt Oder, Germany.